August 26th Daily Meditation Moment

Death has such great importance in this society that it affects everything. I learned from my guru that death is not the enemy, i see it as another moment. Yet it’s the end of an incarnation and means going on to other incarnations. ~ Ram Das

October 3rd Daily Meditation Moment

Place your faith and love at the Guru’s feet. God lives with the Guru. So remember the Guru. Bring him into your meditation. When you remember the Guru, you find both God in the forest and in the mind. ~ Tukaram Maharaj

August 29th Daily Meditation Moment

Think this over and understand it. The path is narrow and precarious; it is so subtle that you need the Guru’s help to discern it.~Kabir

June 16th Daily Meditation Moment

O grace of the Guru, one who is supported by your favor becomes like the creator of the whole world of knowledge. ~ Jnaneshwar Maharaj

May 21st Daily Meditation Moment

The established method for knowing the Self is through the relationship between Guru and disciple. ~ Krishna

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