About IHProcess


We all have patterning that keeps us trapped where we are. That patterning  can be from our families,  society, culture or our karma.

Sometimes we are aware of the patterns that keep us from moving forward and yet can’t seem to do anything about it and sometimes we are unconscious of what it is that holds us back.

Intuitive Healing Process (IHP) is an advanced healing therapy technique that clears ineffective mental, emotional, behavioral and karmic  patterns. It is a simple, effective procedure based on grace and non-doership that allows your entire being to be healed in a profound and complete way.

Intuitive Healing Process (IHP) provides deep healing on all levels by removing the source of these patterns.  This creates a  lasting change in the mind and in the body that leads to an easing or elimination of illness, tension and discomfort. Once these ineffective patterns are gone you  become  unstuck, the suffering ends  and you are able to choose how you think and act instead of knee jerk reactions. Intuitive Healing Process allows you to live the life you were meant to live.

Intuitive Healing Process (IHP) is effective for all kinds of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual challenges.




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