Ann’s Story

I began my journey like so many other seekers… really not sure of what I was seeking but realizing that where I was wasn’t it.  I dabbled in a few things before I discovered  the profoundly deep teachings of yoga and meditation. It was through the spiritual aspects of yoga that I found home. My yoga journey started with a desire to learn how to teach hatha yoga or the physical poses and I quickly discovered how much more yoga has to offer.

So there I was, deeply immersed in these profound ancient teachings, ready to give up the outer world and dedicate myself to a “spiritual” life when the infinite wisdom of the universe and my guru intervened. I ended  up getting married and a nano second later was pregnant with my son, Arjuna. It was this pregnancy and Arjuna’s birth that shifted my entire world. I spent a lot of time meditating through out the pregnancy and Arjuna’s birth was the most incredible, opening, spiritual experience I have ever had. After the birth I noticed that things were very different, especially when I was teaching a hatha yoga class. I noticed that people were clearing things through me. I could see what it was they were clearing and I could physically feel how the universe was recycling blocked energy and returning it purified.

The last 5 1/2 years has been a time of tremendous growth and shifting as this process has revealed itself to me. I didn’t create it, or originate it… it happened. As a gift from God in a time where our world is very heavily burdened. This gift has come at a time when many people need to lighten their load so they can move on their path to wholeness and oneness.

As a result of this gift, I’ve had the opportunity to work with many healers who have needed to heal themselves in order to better serve those who come to them as well as many “normal” people.  One of the wonderful things about this process is that talking is optional. Sometimes what people have experienced is to painful to put into words and with IHP you don’t have to. It will clear any way. Or sometimes the physical body is in so much pain you can’t begin by working on the body and with IHP you don’t have to. Or sometimes you aren’t sure what the problem is, but it is there in the background.   The process works differently for each individual. Yes, I have a general idea about what is going to happen but more often than not I am pleasantly surprised at how the universe has resolves an issue for a client.

Through all of this I have learned so much about the inner world and how our outer world, what we consider to be reality,  is really just a reflection of the inner. I have come to know, on a very deep level of knowing, that the inner journey is the most important part of the process. And that is what IHP mainly focuses on  is how to clear the blockages that prevent you from developing and strengthening your inner journey so that this outer world becomes a reflection of your deep inner connection. That is when you truly move into alignment. Alignment within your self and with the universe. Your vibration raises towards that of the universe and things start to flow with ease and grace. And while your outer world does shift, and maybe pain in the outer world is what drove you to an IHP session, the focus is on the inner. On your inner relationship with your self. Your inner peace of mind, your inner connection with the universe. Your inner knowing your self as the one reality that becomes everything in this universe.

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