Cures for an Active Mind

1. The first cure is Mantra

Om Namah Shivaya

Known as the great redeeming mantra because of its power to grant both worldly fulfillment and spiritual realization.

Om is the primordial sound; Namah is to honor or bow to; Shivaya denotes divine Consciousness, the Lord who dwells in every heart.

2. The second cure is: Don’t accept what is not you

Ann Oleson Perry
Intuitive Healer, Hatha Yoga Teacher & Yoga Therapist

Your true nature is bliss, peace, joy and love. Anything that you experience that is other than this is not you. If you choose not to accept it then it won’t stay with you. When a thought, emotion or physical sensation that is not your true nature comes into your field use the following phrase until it dissolves:

“That is not my thought (emotion or physical sensation). I don’t accept it. That is not my true nature.”

3. The third cure is Breath

Gentle, slow breathing without controlling or forcing while listening to the natural sound the breath makes can quiet the mind and restore your energy.

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