December 28th Daily Meditation Moment

God and the individual are one. To realize this is the essence of Shaivism. ~ Swami Lakshmanjoo

December 13th Daily Meditation Moment

I shall grasp the soul’s skirt with my hand
and stamp on the world’s head with my foot.
I shall trample Matter and Space with my horse,
beyond all Being I shall utter a great shout,
and in that moment when I shall be alone with Him. ~ Attar

November 27th Daily Meditation Moment

Unless one always speaks the truth, one cannot find God Who is the soul of truth. One must be very particular about telling the truth. Through truth one can realize God. ~ Sri RamaKrishna

November 3rd Daily Meditation Moment

God Consciousness is not achieved by means of the scriptures, nor is it achieved by the Grace of your Master. God Consciousness is only achieved by your own subtle awareness. ~ Yoga Vaishtha

October 31st Daily Meditation Moment

The soul is made of love and must ever strive to return to love. Therefore, it can never find rest nor happiness in other things. It must lose itself in love. By its very nature it must seek God, who is love. ~ Mechthild of Magdeburg

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