January 9th Daily Meditation Moment

Be Generous often. Radiate Peace and Love. Live Joyfully in the Moment. Expect Miracles. Cultivate Compassion. Maintain gratitude and Awe. Choose to be Happy. ~

Wayne Dyer

November 25th Daily Meditation Moment

Don’t look at your form, however ugly or beautiful. Look at love and at the aim of your quest…O you whose lips are parched, keep looking for water. Those parched lips are proof that eventually you will reach the source. ~ Rumi

November 22nd Daily Meditation Moment

When we live gently on the earth and innocence and humility are in every action, when the joy of universal rememberances shines through us, we are love and everything we touch becomes love. Our beauty inspires the beauty in everyone. In this collective love, we are one. We are free. ~  Mother Maya

November 8th Daily Meditation Moment

Wisdom delights in water; love delights in hills. Wisdom is stirring; love is quiet. Wisdom is merry; love grows old. ~ Confucious

November 2nd Daily Meditation Moment

He that plants a tree loves others besides himself. ~ Thomas Fuller

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