uncover the real you

uncover the real you

Ann has rare abilities in the area of facilitating the rapid dissolution of any energies and attitudes from the past that are hindering our progress in the present. Highly recommended.  Nicholas B. ~ USA

I have had several private sessions with Ann as an intuitive healer. This involves a deep clearing of the “stuff” that has been affecting my mental, physical and spiritual Self throughout my life. I am willing to be vulnerable and a little more open than I am in my day to day world–this willingness is possible because I have so much trust in Ann’s integrity. I have made so much progress through these sessions that I have personally recommended Ann to close friends.  Nola W. ~ USA

uncovering the real you

connect with your higher self

Ann is an intuitive healer who has deep understanding of the heart and spirit of yoga, and profound healing abilities and insights corresponding to higher states of consciousness. Her level of integration and detachment is awe inspiring. I recommend her services wholeheartedly.  Einar E. ~ Norway

I believe Ann’s Intuitive Healing Process has made a significant contribution to my physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.  Since I started working with Ann, my life has improved in every way. I am grateful for the clarity and peace that I have found. Ann is grounded and operates with the utmost integrity.  Denise H. ~ USA

live your dream

live your dream

The IH process with Ann has truly changed the perception and process of my life. The pattern transformations and healing on all levels (physical, mental, emotional) have been astounding. The really great part is  Ann does all the work for you, no talking just being. I cannot recommend Ann and the Intuitive Healing Process more, give it a try it will make your world clearer, brighter, happier and more peaceful. Namaste   Janice S. ~ USA

Ann’s gift and the IHP she has developed are truly remarkable. She helped me experience my life in a much broader perspective – opening me to possibilities I would not have considered. I credit Ann and the work we did for revealing the opportunity to leave a negative work environment and join my husband full-time in his business. We are now enjoying spending more time working and traveling together while we have experience business growth. This change also provided me the opportunity to be with my daughter through her pregnancy and to now be an active grams. I am forever grateful to Ann and look forward to ongoing work with her.   Sly M. ~ USA

Without the work I’ve done with Ann I wouldn’t be in the amazing marriage I am in nor would I have the challenging yet exhilarating career. Thank you! – JS ~ USA

Over the last 30 years I have met a lot of healers and intuitives, Ann’s gift of inner vision is by far the clearest I have ever come across.  I highly recommend working with her. EL ~ USA

I’ve been fortunate to have been referred to Ann Perry who has helped me considerably over almost a year.  When you start a treatment with Ann, she finds out where your higher self wants to work and then she facilitates that process.  Recently, over the course of several treatments she cleared a major energy block behind my heart.  When she started she told me that this block was responsible for compressing my spine.  After she finished clearing this block, I noticed that my posture had improved considerably.  Also, I had been experiencing a subtle pain somewhere in my torso that was completely gone after these sessions. I.P. ~ USA

Ann has been a true blessing in my life. Her ability to see everything from such a unique perspective combined with her one of a kind intuitive healing gifts have allowed for my family and I to deeply connect on an indescribable level and positively move forward in the world more freely than I ever imagined possible. AH~USA

Ann Perry is a unique and rare healer. Her knowledge and skills are far beyond what I have ever experienced before. Her unique clarity and integration as a healer places her in a different league, far beyond other healers I ever met. She is warmhearted and full of knowledge and has an understanding that is beyond words. I fully recommend her for all that seek the truth, all that seek healing, spiritual growth and understanding! SE ~Norway

I am delighted to be able to share how very pleased and satisfied I am with Ann and her work. Working as a therapist for both animals and human beings, I searched long and hard to find a therapist with whom I wanted to work on clearing my own issues and help me grow as a therapist and all other aspects of me. Ann works on a very high level and there seems to be no limit to what she can clear. She is very knowledgeable and highly competent. A warm and sensitive therapist, she gets my warmest recommendations. OM namaha shivaya. ECM ~ Norway.

Ann’s integrity, insight, knowledge of subtle anatomy and connection to a higher healing energy, have made me a very satisfied client. NW ~USA

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