June 10th Daily Meditation Moment

When you begin your practice of the mantra, it is just a practice. After realization, you discover that mantra repetition is itself the attainment. ~ Swami Muktananda

May 29th Daily Meditation Moment

In times of distress, when we try to call up the mantram or prayer word, we may have difficulty even locating it. Our attention will be caught in our own turmoil, and every time we try to catch it, it will rebel and slip away again. ~ Eknath Easwaren

May 26th Daily Meditation Moment

Mantra is our real nature. When we realize the Self, then mantra repetition goes on without effort. What is the means at one stage becomes the goal at another. ~ Ramana Maharshi

May 24th Daily Meditation Moment

During worship, all the actions performed merge into the mantra. The mantra, which is the name, merges into the mind. When the mind merges, everything dissolves. Then the world of the seen, along with the seer, assumes the form of Consciousness. ~ Lalla Ded

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