October 28th Daily Meditation Moment

For we can change all these things. We do not have to accept ourselves as we are. Genetic code or brain biochemistry, astrological configurations or Tarot readings, early traumas or upbringing – none of these things can ever limit our potential. ~ Eknath Easwaren

September 10th Daily Meditation Moment

By changing the very mode of our thinking, we can remake ourselves completely. ~ Eknath Easwaren

August 31st Daily Meditation Moment

When selfish desire is removed from a relationship, there is no hankering to get anything from the other person. We are free to give, which means we are free to love. Then we can give and support and strengthen without reservation. ~ Eknath Easwaren

August 10th Daily Meditation Moment

As long as we identify with the body and the mind we bob around on the surface level of consciousness, chasing after the fleeting attractions of life outside us.~Eknath Easwaren

July 24th Daily Meditation Moment

In theory we would like our mind to listen to us obediently, but in fact it will not – chiefly because we have never taught it how. ~Eknath Easwaren

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