March 4th Daily Meditation Moment

The love that you search for everywhere is already present within you. 


February 25th Daily Meditation Moment

The impact of your efforts has this powerful ripple effect. You can’t begin to know the ways people are being touched by what you do. ~


January 5th Daily Meditation Moment

Life is in charge. We can fight it and be miserable or surrender to it and laugh at our own arrogance and ideas of what should be. ~


December 23rd Daily Meditation Moment

The most sublime truth of all has never been stated or written or sung. Not because it is far away and can not be reached, but because it is so intimately close, closer than anything that can be spoken. It is alive as the stillness in the core of your being, too close to be described, too close to be objectified, too close to be known in the usual way of knowledge. The truth of who you are is yours already. It is already present… ~ Gangaji

November 4th Daily Meditation Moment

We have tried everything to get rid of suffering. We have gone everywhere to get rid of suffering. We have bought everything to get rid of it. We have ingested everything to get rid of it. Finally, when one has tried enought, there arises the possibility of spiritual maturity with the willingness to stop the futile attempt to get rid of it and, instead, to actually experience suffering. In that momentous instant, there is the realization of that which is beyond suffering, of that which is untouched by suffering. There is the realization of who one truly is. ~ Gangaji

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