September 11th Daily Meditation Moment

Who you are, in truth, who everyone is, is whole and perfect and beautiful. And if that can be recognized, then it is possible that self-torture can stop!  ~ Gangaji

August 11th Daily Meditation Moment

To be truly happy you must recognize who you are with nothing.~Gangaji

October 10th Daily Meditation Moment

That which you yearn for, that which you hunger for, is that which is always present. You are free to discover yourself as truth. You are free to be who you truly are. ~ Gangaji

September 4th Daily Meditation Moment

Stillness is presence of being… you are that presence of being. ~ Gangaji

January 16th Daily Meditation Moment

To open your mind to the silence
that is the source of your mind,
is to open to your true self.
Conscious silence is already open.
You are already open.
~ Gangaji

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