October 6th Daily Meditation Moment

The ultimate goal of meditation is to experience the full unfoldment of our own pure Consciousness, the inner state of luminosity, love and wisdom… ~ Swami Durgananda

June 21st Daily Meditation Moment

This is one of the most important secrets about meditation. In fact, is a fundamental law of Consciousness. If you just sit quietly with the intention to turn your mind within, and if you keep pulling your attention away from thoughts and focusing it on your chosen practice, the mind will eventually resolve into pure energy. ~ Swami Durgananda

May 21st Daily Meditation Moment

There was a promise, in fact, that meditation would be dynamic, would open up something unseen and unheard, would surprise me, extending my senses to a new level of awareness. That it would be, in fact, joyful. ~ Swami Durgananda

April 21st Daily Meditation Moment

The work of yoga is to coax the mind into letting go of the perceptions and ideas that keep it stuck, so it can expand and revela itself as it really is. As vast creative Awareness. Pure light and ecstasy. An ocean of peace and power. The Self. ~ Swami Durgananda

August 14th Daily Meditation Moment

The most important principle to understand about meditation is this: We meditate to know ourselves. We usually think of meditation as a practice or a process. Yet meditation is also a relationship. If it is a process, then it is the process of coming into relationship with our own Consciousness.~Swami Durgananda

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