April 19th Daily Meditation Moment

The real key to going deep in meditation is wanting to go deep. The more you crave the taste of the inner world, the easier it is to meditate. ~

Sally Kempton

March 28th Daily Meditation Moment

Meditation is like any other intimate relationship: it requires patience, commitment, and deep tolerance. ~ Sally Kempton

February 9th Daily Meditation Moment

Hidden in plain sight, the helpful forces of the Divine Feminine lie dormant in our bodies and the natural world. Once they begin to awaken, they bring us more and more deeply alive. They shift our perception. They dissolve karmas and strengthen our resistance to illness. ~

Sally Kempton

December 30th Daily Meditation Moment

Your sadness could develop into a capacity for deep empathy. Your fearfulness has the potential to blossom into healthy vulnerability; your impulsiveness can mature into genuine spontaneity. This is why it doesn’t work to repress your shadow. Yes, it’s primitive, selfish, and sometimes volatile, but it’s also the source of the energy you need for creative and spiritual growth. ~ Sally Kempton

September 12th Daily Meditation Moment

Transformation is what happens when you bring your life into alignment with your glimpses of awakened states. ~ Sally Kempton

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