October 20th Daily Meditation Moment

When the scriptures and the sages tell us “dissolve your identification with the body and the mind,” they don’t mean give them up. How can we give up our bodies or our minds? After all, God gave these things to us. It’s just that we have to expand our awareness a little bit beyond what we are seeing and thinking. That is what gives us the experience of the Self, that is what gives us the experience of love, that is what takes us deeper and deeper inside. When you really see beyond all the senses, all the bodies, all the objects, what you discover is the one thing that is within all of this. And that is energy, it is love. And to feel that love, wherever we are, we contemplate and we meditate. ~ Gurumayi Chidvilasananda

March 23rd Daily Meditation Moment

We have all to return to the source. Every human being is seeking its source and must one day come to it. We must come from the within; we have gone outward; now we must return inward. ~ Ramana Maharshi

May 12th Daily Meditation Moment

You who want knowledge seek the Oneness within. There you will find the clear mirror already waiting. ~ Hadewijch II

March 5th Daily Meditation Moment

This is where we have to arrive—at absolute oneness. Our heart merges into His heart. When that happens, the only thing left is divine love, and even that love merges into love, and that love merges into the absolute Source, which has no name, which has no form….Even a spark of that love is a great blessing. Even a spark of that love can change our entire life. ~ Gurumayi Chidvilasananada

April 20th Daily Meditation Moment

To have the awareness of oneness everywhere is what we are learning all about in Siddha Yoga….We try to live by this oneness, this unity. Unity between God and the universe. Unity between God and people. Unity between God and our hearts. ~ Gurumayi Chidvilasananda

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