What’s so special about your birthday?

Your birthday is a very auspicious day. It is a celebration of  the day you arrived on the planet and it is much more. Each year around the time of your birth, Nature is very supportive of you. It is an excellent opportunity to make a wish, so to speak, and shift into another level of awareness and perception.  Nature is always supporting your movement on the path while honoring your free will. Your birthday is an incredible time to move ahead in all aspects of your life. The nine days leading up to your birthday and then the actual day of your birth are a time of the year when your higher Self is closer to you then any other point in your annual trip around the sun.

You are always connected to your higher Self but around your birthday the connection is extra strong, extra clear. It is easier to hear the messages from your higher Self. It is easier to understand the unfoldment of your dharma (life’s purpose). All of Nature is lining up to fulfill your greatest wish at this time.

This is a great opportunity to let go of patterns or beliefs  that are holding you back while making great strides in fulfilling your personal dharma.

I personally have been aware of great shifts and huge strides in my inner understanding and vision around my birthday for the last few years. The nine days before my birthday November 3rd – 11th so much is being cleared away and purified. Then I awake the day before my birthday with a greater understanding of how the universe works, and what my place is in it. On my actually birthday I feel as if I have been born again or “woke up” to another level of reality. It has an incredible experience and I am really looking forward to it again this year.

I highly recommend doing an Intuitive Healing Process session during this window of opportunity around your birth. And if your birthday isn’t coming up soon or you just want the added “juice”, I’d consider doing one around my birth which is November 12th.

I look forward to connecting with you soon.

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