May 28th Daily Meditation Moment

You are already whole, already complete. You are not going to get it all, you are it all already! . . . Our ability to enjoy life comes from how we choose to process life, rather than from externals.  Nothing outside of ourselves has the power to bestow happiness or fulfillment on us.  What determines the quality of our life is our choice to be fulfilled or not, based upon how we think, how we view ourselves and our place in the universe. ~

Wayne Dyer

April 16th Daily Meditation Moment

Open hearts see love everywhere… ~ Wayne Dyer

March 23rd Daily Meditation Moment

Everything in your life is a miracle to be cherished. ~ Wayne Dyer

February 1st Daily Meditation Moment

When we put our collective energy on what we are for, bringing kindness and love to bear on our differences of opinions, the need to resist ends. ~

Wayne Dyer

January 9th Daily Meditation Moment

Be Generous often. Radiate Peace and Love. Live Joyfully in the Moment. Expect Miracles. Cultivate Compassion. Maintain gratitude and Awe. Choose to be Happy. ~

Wayne Dyer

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