August 24th Daily Meditation Moment

As love exhorts us not to nurture expectations, the truth urges us not to hasten to conclusions. ~ Mother Maya

August 20th Daily Meditation Moment

Essentially, that which we assimilate through the mind, senses and experiential memory appears to be real to us, but these appearances are often deceiving. Ultimate truth can only be known through the cognate knowledge of the eternal Self. ~ Mother Maya

July 20th Daily Meditation Moment

Devotion is both the joyous acceptance of the good results and the recognition of the poor results as lessons to be learned. ~Mother Maya

March 29th Daily Meditation Moment

When the heart is open it reflects all we need to know. It gives light to the eternal Self, and we are able to transform the banalities of this finite world into idyllic bliss. ~ Mother Maya

March 22nd Daily Meditation Moment

There is no wall love cannot tear down, no hate which love cannot imbue with light, no obstacle love cannot overcome. ~ Mother Maya

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