December 21st Daily Meditation Moment

There can be no harmony within or peace in the world until we eradicate the mentality of violence. ~ Mother Maya

December 3rd Daily Meditation Moment

Nature is spiritual. Life is spiritual. Every grain of sand is spiritual. To recognize this, we must be awakened to the profound power that engenders life. ~ Mother Maya

November 22nd Daily Meditation Moment

When we live gently on the earth and innocence and humility are in every action, when the joy of universal rememberances shines through us, we are love and everything we touch becomes love. Our beauty inspires the beauty in everyone. In this collective love, we are one. We are free. ~  Mother Maya

August 24th Daily Meditation Moment

As love exhorts us not to nurture expectations, the truth urges us not to hasten to conclusions. ~ Mother Maya

August 20th Daily Meditation Moment

Essentially, that which we assimilate through the mind, senses and experiential memory appears to be real to us, but these appearances are often deceiving. Ultimate truth can only be known through the cognate knowledge of the eternal Self. ~ Mother Maya

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