An Upgrade in Tools

Late September and into early October 2010 has brought an energetic shift in Nature and Mother Earth allowing new tools for healing and transformation to be accessed.

I have been watching it unfold in my weekly Intuitive Healing Process sessions. It’s not just an upgrade in the IHprocess, which has been happening but new tools that are making things move quicker, resolve faster and result in a deeper healing, a more permanent resolution in physical reality.

Instead of just doing a clearing in one session and then waiting until the next session to do a healing all of the eight processes that make up Intuitive Healing Process are happening simultaneously.

New tools are coming in that are enlivening those areas that were blocked and raising them to a new energetic vibration. New tools are coming in to increase perception and awareness so that negativity has no place to hide.

With this new shift in perspective we are able to work on all the energetic beings you’ve created as well as you such as your business, your marriage, your kids etc.

The result of the upgrades and the new tools is that more and more is being resolved. More issues and patterns and blocks and garbage is being cleared out. This leaves the client feeling lighter and free- er. Calmer and Happier. More at Peace. Plus stuff is starting to move in physical reality. The right job is showing up, more financial prosperity is pouring into existing businesses, health issues are dissolved.

It is truly a wonderful time to be doing this work. Nature is supporting you and this work being done right now. If you are feeling stuck, blocked or sick now is the time to clear those deep underlying, unconscious patterns that are holding you. Now is the time to move forward.

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